Trust. It’s not given. It’s earned.

June 29, 2021 | by MEDNAX
Trust. It’s not given. It’s earned.

For over 41 years, millions of families and babies have relied on Pediatrix™ and Obstetrix™ Medical Groups as leading providers of neonatology, maternal-fetal medicine and pediatric subspecialty care. We have aligned our focus across 24+ obstetric and pediatric subspecialties. We are proud to have earned the trust of nearly 4,000 health care clinicians at over 1200 facilities who have joined us nationwide.

Every day at Pediatrix™ and Obstetrix™ Medical Groups, we:

  • Take care of moms through 1,900 maternal-fetal medicine visits
  • Attend more than 400 deliveries
  • Care for or provide diagnostics to 1 in 4 babies
  • Provide care to 2,200 newborns in the nursery
  • Care for 5,350 babies in NICUs
  • Treat 640 pediatric and PICU patients
  • Care for 550 cardiology patients
  • Care for many additional patients across our growing list of clinical specialties 

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“What I value most about Mednax is that despite change and transition, the company remains a physician-led organization with a primary focus on the care of our patients and families,” explained Tom Rauth, M.D., a pediatric surgeon in Nashville, Tenn. “Mednax empowers us to channel our energy and resources into our women’s and children’s services, enhancing our ability to care for the most vulnerable.”

For Kris Deeter, M.D., a pediatric intensivist in Reno, Nev., it’s teamwork that sets Mednax apart: “I love working with my local pediatric teams while also having access to a large network of Mednax physicians. I can reach out to other pediatric intensivists across the country for advice, collaboration and support.”

And while Mednax’s network and resources are vast, practices are empowered to develop their own culture and goals. “As an employee of Pediatrix™, I have the support of a large, national organization while being able to practice with my smaller team and take care of my community. It is the perfect blend of academic and community medicine focused on my local health care team,” Dr. Deeter explained.

The company’s commitment to ongoing education and quality improvement is another reason both facilities and clinicians trust Mednax. “The company has a steadfast commitment to providing educational and enrichment resources for clinicians, offering several pathways for professional development and growth,” said Janeice Houston, M.D., a neonatologist in Houston. “I love working with a team of dedicated physicians and neonatal nurse practitioners who provide unwavering clinical excellence for our patients.”

For us, trust is about empowering our employees and physicians to do what they do best. “First as a neonatologist and now as President of Pediatrix™ and Obstetrix™, I’m proud to be a leader in this organization and work alongside our clinicians to provide highly specialized care for our patients when they need the highest quality neonatal, maternal-fetal medicine and pediatric subspecialty care possible,” said Mack Hinson, M.D., president of Mednax’s Pediatrix™ and Obstetrix™ Medical Groups.

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