This Labor Day, We Say Thank You to our Team Members

September 2, 2022 | by Heather Drevna
This Labor Day, We Say Thank You to our Team Members

Each Labor Day, we pause to honor the American worker. For many, it is a day off, a time for one last summer barbeque, or just quality downtime with family and friends, before the hectic fall season begins.

But for those in the health care field, it can instead be another busy day at the hospital or clinic.

Every day, in 38 states and Puerto Rico, Pediatrix® clinicians and hearing screen technicians:

  • Treat 540 hospitalized pediatric patients
  • Attend more than 405 births
  • Conduct 2,390 newborn hearing screens
  • Treat 1,700 high-risk pregnant patients
  • Care for 5,600+ babies in the NICU
  • Evaluate more than 475 pediatric cardiology patients
  • Attend to more than 2,500 newborns in the nursery

...Even on Labor Day. Our Pediatrix team is in the hospital for the middle-of-the-night delivery, at the urgent care for the ear infection that waited until bedtime to make itself known and standing by at all hours when specialty care is needed and speed can make all the difference.

This Labor Day, we honor our compassionate, devoted clinicians and hearing screen technicians, who sacrifice weekends and holidays with their loved ones and work long nights to ensure that highly skilled care is there when and where patients need it.

Thank you for all you do to care for your patients and communities.