The Strategic Imperative: Why Pediatrix Leaders Seek to Hire Exceptional Doctors

March 26, 2024 | by Stephani Monhollon
The Strategic Imperative: Why Pediatrix Leaders Seek to Hire Exceptional Doctors

Finding a good doctor can be similar to navigating a maze, with numerous factors influencing the search. Connecting patients with exemplary health care professionals is not as simple as checking Yelp reviews or performing a Google search. The quest for a doctor who feels like a good fit for you or your child involves many considerations, such as expertise, reputation, bedside manner, best practices and accessibility.


Pediatrix® Medical Group understands this fundamental truth. Remaining steadfast in its mission to Take great care of the patient, every day and in every wayTM, the company’s leaders continually strive to employ top talent across its national network of more than 2,600 affiliated physicians. Its strategy involves recruiting top-tier clinicians who embody excellence in training, experience, trustworthiness, integrity and compassion.


Training and Experience

At the heart of the Pediatrix recruitment strategy is the pursuit of excellence in medical training and expertise. The company’s leaders seek out clinicians who have not only completed rigorous medical education but who also have specialized training in their respective fields of medicine. Whether it’s through respected medical schools, residency programs or fellowship opportunities, Pediatrix seeks candidates with a proven history of academic and clinical achievement.


Trustworthiness and Integrity

In the delicate world of neonatal, maternal-fetal and pediatric care, trust is paramount. Pediatrix places a premium on clinicians who demonstrate unwavering integrity and a commitment to ethical practice. Each prospective candidate undergoes a thorough vetting process to ensure that they not only possess the requisite medical skills but also uphold the highest standards of honesty, transparency and professionalism.


Compassion and Bedside Manner

Beyond medical expertise, Pediatrix recognizes the importance of empathy and compassion in patient care. Clinicians are not just healers; they are trusted advocates who provide comfort and support to patients and their families during times of vulnerability. Pediatrix seeks out individuals who possess a genuine sense of empathy and who are adept at fostering meaningful connections with patients and their loved ones. A compassionate bedside manner is not a bonus — it's an expectation of every clinician within the Pediatrix family.


Continuous Improvement

Recruiting top clinicians is just the beginning; Pediatrix is committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and professional development. Through ongoing training, mentorship programs and access to the latest advancements in medical technology and research, the

company’s leaders ensure that its clinicians are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the highest standard of care.


“In recent years, the United States has experienced an evolving shortage of physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses and other health care providers,” said Curt Pickert, M.D., executive vice president and chief operating officer at Pediatrix Medical Group. “At Pediatrix, we have been fortunate to maintain a high level of success in recruiting and retaining outstanding, specialized clinicians across all of our specialties.”


Assembling the best teams possible for the patients entrusted to its care extends to all facets of the company. Of particular significance is the recruitment of high-caliber doctors. Investing in the best medical talent yields numerous benefits for patients, communities, the health care industry and the company, such as:


Ensuring quality care — At the core of the organization’s mission is the delivery of high-quality care to patients. Leading doctors provide expertise, skill and experience, helping ensure that patients receive the best possible treatment and outcomes. By employing quality doctors, Pediatrix is investing in the foundation of quality care, which is essential for patient satisfaction and well-being.


Driving innovation — Our highly skilled and specialized doctors are often at the forefront of medical innovation, conducting research and pioneering new treatments, procedures and technologies. Pediatrix fosters a culture of innovation within the organization, staying ahead of the curve and continuously improving patient care. By embracing the latest advancements in medical research, these doctors drive transformative change that benefits patients and the health care industry as a whole.


Enhancing reputation — The reputation of a health care institution is intrinsically linked to the caliber of its medical staff. Pediatrix leaders understand that by aligning with exceptional doctors, they are not only elevating the quality of care provided but also enhancing the organization’s reputation as a trusted and respected health care provider.


Building trust and confidence — Patients place a significant amount of trust in their health care providers, especially when it comes to matters of health and well-being. By employing doctors known for their expertise and integrity, patients are reassured that they are in capable hands. This trust and confidence are invaluable assets that help patients connect with trustworthy, dependable doctors and promote long-term patient loyalty.


The decision to hire exceptional clinicians is not merely a matter of prestige or status; it is a strategic imperative for leaders seeking to provide exceptional health care. Investing in the best

medical professionals at Pediatrix is not just an investment in personnel; it is a commitment to providing exceptional care to every patient, every time.


“I’ve been asked by patients countless times over the last 40 years since I graduated from med school where they should go for the best care, and I always advise to ‘look into the eyes of your doctor or provider and determine if they sincerely care about you and are there to be your advocate through the process,’” said Dr. Pickert. “Do they care enough to give you their time and attention and communicate thoroughly and patiently at a level you can understand? If so, you are where you belong because it is not a matter of where you are, but rather the person from whom you are receiving care.”


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