Mednax Expands Service Offering with Pediatric Orthopedics

June 15, 2021 | by Stephanie Williams
Mednax Expands Service Offering with Pediatric Orthopedics

Pediatric Orthopedic Associates of San Antonio (POASA) adds 25 years of care to the Mednax family of Texas practices and marks the growth of a new service offering for the national medical group. The practice joined Mednax at the beginning of the year after experiencing a decrease in their patient volume following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The uncertainty solidified the need to join a larger health care group, specifically one comprised of pediatric specialists to provide a strong network of support. 

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Already working closely with San Antonio Pediatric Surgery Associates, part of the Mednax family, they had discussions with the surgical group’s leadership about the advantages of partnering with Mednax. Joining a nationwide organization was viewed as providing benefits to both their patients and the practice. Benefits gained include a better negotiating position with insurance companies, leading to better reimbursements for the same work; access to more medical panels, which in turn leads to expanded access to patients and patients to providers; and strengthened relationships with hospitals, allowing the practice to accomplish their practice goals while remaining competitive in a sizable medical community. John Edeen, M.D., serves as POASA’s medical director and values the resources Mednax brings to the table. “We don’t just have us. We have Mednax and us,” he states. For Dr. Edeen and the clinical team, there is a high level of satisfaction in what they do. He explains, “We provide excellent quality of care. We did that before Mednax and are confident we’ll be able to do it even better with Mednax.”

Strength in numbers

While the addition of pediatric orthopedic services may be new for Mednax, a presence in San Antonio is not. In addition to our pediatric surgery practice, POASA joins Pediatric Cardiology Associates of San Antonio, Pediatric Urology of San Antonio, Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat, San Antonio Pediatric Developmental Services, San Antonio Neonatology Practice, San Antonio Pediatric Hospitalists, San Antonio Pediatric Intensivists and Texas Perinatal Group

The presence of neonatology, maternal-fetal medicine and pediatric hospitalist, ear, nose and throat, cardiology, surgery and now orthopedics, often practicing in the same hospital, fostered relationships before, but those are now reinforced by the tie to Mednax. “We’re all on the same team. Having the resources that Mednax can bring to the table is very important to us. From clinical to IT support, more resources and more people can help with more things,” states Dr. Edeen. 

As populations in San Antonio and all of Texas grow, POASA’s practice has plans to expand to meet the growing patient demand. They know being a part of Mednax will be an asset at that time, as they can leverage its clinical staffing team to recruit the best talent. Mednax’s extensive physician recruitment resources will allow them to search outside their known contacts to find high-quality candidates with the right education, clinical training and experience and add talent to their practice in other specialty areas. 

About the practice

Private practice in pediatric orthopedics is not common, with most being university or hospital- based. POASA comprises four board-certified pediatric orthopedists: John Edeen III, M.D., Aaron See, D.O., Raymond M. Stefko, M.D., and Tina Creekmore, M.D. The team of physicians, along with the entire clinical staff, strive to prevent, diagnose and treat disease and injury of the musculoskeletal system of children. The group has a bustling and varied practice, covering all aspects of pediatric orthopedics. 

“There’s always something interesting,” says Dr. Edeen. “Taking care of kids is such a reward. You can impact somebody’s life if you intervene early. You can’t put a value on job satisfaction when it comes to something like that.”

Welcome to the Mednax family, POASA! We look forward to continued success in providing the highest quality pediatric care to the San Antonio community and beyond.

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