Find out how your state measures up in Medscape’s Best Places to Practice list

Posted by Jessica Brewer on May 30, 2019 6:18:00 AM
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If you are looking for a job, considering relocation or are curious as to how your state measures up, check out Medscape’s Best & Worst Places to Practice list. The list evaluates all 50 states based a variety of criteria to identify where physicians can thrive. Areas of evaluation include:

  • Personal assessment of work-life situations
  • The state’s regulatory, fiscal and health care climates
  • Overall livability (based on 40+ data points, including education, housing and infrastructure)

MEDNAX offers career opportunities in almost half of the list’s best states:

Take a closer look at location for more opportunities

Expanding your location search can open the door to new opportunities for those on the job hunt. For example, exploring less competitive communities surrounding your target area may generate more favorable job opportunities. Communities with a lower cost of living or no state taxes can give more flexibility when it comes to salary requirements. Depending on location and access to public transportation, you can also consider searching areas that are commutable to or from your ideal living place – some practices may offer a commute allowance.

Looking at an organization’s full benefit package versus basic compensation is also another great way to broaden your search. You may find that certain benefit offerings hold greater value and may outweigh a higher salary with less benefits.


As a national medical group with a 40-year history, we recognize there is variety in what clinicians consider an ideal career, and that what is ideal today may not be ideal tomorrow. Our national presence, variety of practice settings and clinical programs create opportunities for clinicians to find their ideal career today while providing opportunities for tomorrow. 

Click below for a full list of MEDNAX clinical career opportunities.

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