5 areas to consider when weighing career options

January 29, 2018 | by Jessica Brewer
5 areas to consider when weighing career options

Getting on the right career path not only fulfills you professionally, but also improves your personal satisfaction. Here are five areas you should research when evaluating career options.

  1. Company Stability

Stability is an important consideration in today’s environment. A company’s past is a good indicator of what the future may hold. Asking key questions will help you determine if the company you are joining today will be around tomorrow.

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Is it financially viable?
  • Is the company’s business model sustainable?
  • Is it structured to withstand market fluctuations?
  • Has it ever had layoffs, and, if so, what were the circumstances?

Feeling secure in the stability of a company allows you to focus on advancing your career rather than stressing over whether your job will be there long term.

  1. Benefits

Although it is easy to focus exclusively on salary, you need to evaluate the total benefits package to make a true assessment. Benefit packages can be worth up to 30 percent of your total compensation. In today’s market, benefit packages vary widely and can expand far beyond health insurance and paid time off. These questions can help determine the value of a company’s benefits package when considering a new organization: 

  • What type of health insurance plans are available?
  • Does it offer short-term and long-term disability insurance?
  • What about a retirement plan?
  • If public, does it offer a stock purchase plan?
  • Does it offer support services, such as an Employee Assistance Program or AFLAC?
  • How much vacation time will you get in the first year, and does it increase over time?

Answering these questions before you accept a position can help improve your overall job satisfaction and how long you stay with an organization.

  1. Relocation and Flexibility  

An organization that offers relocation and flexible job options can make a world of difference should your personal circumstances or business goals change. Knowing the opportunities available in advance can help when planning for big changes:

  • How many locations does the company have?
  • Is it a single office or does it have a presence in multiple states?
  • Can you explore other positions or locations within the same company?
  • Are there part time or flexible job opportunities?

The ability to stay with the same organization helps preserve your tenure and all of the benefits that go with it.

  1. Accolades and Recognition

Organizations such as Forbes often release rankings of employers in a variety of categories, including innovative growth and best employers. Did the employer you are considering make the cut? Third party endorsements are often more credible than feedback from someone who has a stake in the matter.

  1. Employee Development Programs

Too often candidates focus on present day when considering opportunities. It’s important to look to the future and ask yourself if the organization will provide you with the tools you need to succeed long term.

  • Does it encourage ongoing education?
  • Does it provide you with resources to keep learning?
  • Does it have formal training programs or a department that supports training and development?

If it does, that is a good indication the company takes the needs of its employees seriously.


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